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From motorway bridge to Olympic medalist?

TOM Bosworth is back in control as he bids to secure a place in his third Olympic Games.

The race walker finished sixth in Rio back in 2016 but life has been far from straight forward ever since.

And, at his lowest ebb, Bosworth attempted to take his own life on three separate occasions.

“By the end of summer in 2017 I was in such a bad place,” Bosworth told the RunFree podcast.

“The Berlin European Championships went miserably and I had no energy.

“I wasn’t enjoying it, I got into my head I’d lost everything.

“I felt like I’d lost my fiancé Harry and athletics too.

“I thought the only way out was to drive to a motorway bridge and jump off one evening.

“That was a third and final attempt to take my own life in a short space of time.”

And Bosworth was far from being his usual exuberant self.

“It felt like someone else was in control of me or as if it was another version of me,” said Bosworth.

“I was thinking I’m 100 per cent doing this, it’s not for attention but it spooks me out because the final attempt I barely even remember.

“I think I’ve just blocked it out but I’m stood on the bridge and Harry is on the phone screaming at me to come home.

“I recall it now as someone talking me back over the motorway bridge but Harry is adamant he never heard anyone there which is a bit eerie

“I’m not someone who believes in ghosts or spirts but somebody or something made me clamber back over.

“It was the lowest point of my life and probably Harry’s life too.

“We stopped everything and we had to do something.”

At that point, Tom made contact with British Athletics but it took him quite some time to fully recover.

“Harry had to kick the bathroom door in to get to me once and he forced me to get some help,” said Tom.

“We went directly to British Athletics and it took a while to find out what the real cause was.

“But with their help over a long period of time things weren’t really better until the start of 2020.”

Since then Tom has been back on top form, both on and off the track.

But that may not be good news for his fellow athletes”

“I just feel for all my team-mates who have to deal with the happy, irritating me around the camp again”,” laughed Tom.

“They’ve had a respite from that in the past couple of years but I’m back now and they’ll be fed up of me by the end of the camp.

“But it’s very much all about the Olympics now.”

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