Run Free is proud to be sponsored by MSP FX & Stateside Shirts.

The established relationships between ourselves and the aforementioned parties is what enables us to do what we do, providing essential funding for all of our activities. 

Said funding helps to cover the running costs of kit, league entry, and the equipment needed to record and run our corresponding podcast and YouTube Channel.

These sponsors' help allows us to make Run Free United (RFU) available to join for free for those that really need a sporting outlet.


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MSP FX provides a bespoke advisory and execution platform for physical FX delivery to the Corporate and Private Sectors, as well as those wishing to better manage their currency trading.


By minimising unnecessary overheads and investing time into building a reputation through credibility, MSP FX can offer companies and individuals outstanding exchange rates and provide an exceptional foreign exchange service without hidden fees or commission.

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Thank you for visiting the Run Free website, we hope that we can continue to spread the awareness and understanding of mental health, whilst creating a more comfortable environment for people to engage in these difficult conversations.


Sport has its limitations, but we believe that it can provide some form of help to those that need it most. Whilst we are aware that each individual requires a different form of therapy, there is no designated road map for finding a way to cope.



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