Since our launch in May 2020 we have been lucky to meet and hear some incredible stories.

Stories like those of our first brand ambassador Bradley James.  


Aged just 24, Bradley planned to take his own life before being stopped in the nick of time.


Bouts of depression have always been part of his life but things reached a head in April 2020, culminating in his decision to take his own life.


After writing letters to his family and sending a message via social media to his team-mates at Oakley, Bradley was ready to end it all.

When his friends couldn’t make contact with him they got in touch with his brother, who raced upstairs and stopped him.

Despite being a popular lad locally, and a well-regarded midfielder at Little Oakley Football Club, Bradley felt he had nowhere else to turn. 


His emotional story really is a testament to how friends and family are crucial in helping those that suffer, enabling them to talk about how their struggles.


After hearing about Bradley's story we reached out and he was keen to help in any way he could. 


After conversations over social media, and eventually a face-to-face meeting, we asked Bradley if he would become our first ambassador.


As an ambassador, Bradley is a key member of Run Free, using his story to spread the awareness of mental health issues, and encouraging others to speak out themselves.

Bradley's story, and his ongoing life, show just how important sport can be, with the team environment consequently saving his life. 

Bradley has since set up a Whatsapp support group for like-minded people within sport that creates a supportive environment for people to just talk to each other


We think this shows just how amazing a person he is, and can think of no one better placed to help us grow and continue our project. 

Thank you for visiting the Run Free website, we hope that we can continue to spread the awareness and understanding of mental health, whilst creating a more comfortable environment for people to engage in these difficult conversations.


Sport has its limitations, but we believe that it can provide some form of help to those that need it most. Whilst we are aware that each individual requires a different form of therapy, there is no designated road map for finding a way to cope.